Chief Financial Officer  — Mark is McGee Media's Chief Financial Officer. Mark has a BA from Cornell University in Government. He started his career as a credit analyst at Citibank in the early 90's. He Left Citi after 4 years to pursue an MBA at Boston College and was nominated for one of BC's Executive Fellowships as an analyst for State Street Global Advisors the summer between his first and second year. Upon graduating BC, Mark moved to Westchester, New York to be a financial analyst in IBM's Services division. While at IBM, Mark worked in various capacities; as the finance manager on a number of IBM's largest Services contracts; as a pricer on several of IBM's Services deals; and as a member of the management team consolidating IBM's North America financial measurements. Mark is also a CFA Charterholder. In his spare time, Mark is a backyard musician as well as chicken and apple farmer.

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